Construction Delay in Aceh, Indonesia

Topics: Project management, Construction, Construction delay Pages: 117 (21883 words) Published: March 22, 2012

Especially dedicated to :
my beloved wife, Liza Shalawati; my dear sons, Muhammad Zhafran and Muhammad Naufal; my dear daughter, Siti Sarah Shafira.



I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my supervisor Associate Professor Dr. Muhd. Zaimi Abd Majid for the guidance, assistance, criticism, and suggestions he provided for this research.

This research involved several discussions and information from the construction practice in Aceh, Indonesia construction industry. I would also like to thank the Chairman of GAPENSI, the Chairman of INKINDO, all contractors and consultants in Aceh, Indonesia, who have extended their valuable times and resources in providing necessary information for the research.

Deepest thanks to my family especially my parents, my wife, my sons and daughter for their constant support and prayers throughout the process of producing this project report.



One of the most common problems in the construction project is delays. Delays of a construction project can be defined as the late completion of works as compared to the planned schedule or contract schedule. Projects can be delayed due to number of reasons that may be due to the client, the contractor, acts of God, or a third party. They may occur early or later in the project development, alone, or with other delays. Delays can be minimized only when their cause are identified. The objective of this study was to identify the major causes of delays, the effects of delays, and methods of minimizing delays in construction project. This study was carried out based on literature review and a questionnaire survey. A total of fifty seven factors and eight groups that contributed to the causes of delay, the six factors that effects delays and thirty five methods of minimizing construction delays were identified based on literature review. The questionnaire survey was distributed to the targeted respondent in Aceh, Indonesia construction industry. The objectives of the study have been successfully achieved. The top ten most important factors that contributed to the causes of delays, i.e., insufficient numbers of equipment; inaccurate time estimate; monthly payment difficulties; changes orders; inaccurate cost estimate; poor site management and supervision; inadequate modern equipment; shortage of construction materials; incompetent project team; improper project planning and scheduling; and contractor’s financial difficulties. Contractor-related delays was ranked the most significant groups that cause delays, followed by equipment-related delay, client-related delays, material-related delays, financerelated delays, consultant-related delays, external-related delays, and labor related delays. Time and cost overrun were the common effects of delays in construction projects. To minimize delays in construction projects it has been identified that the top ten most effective methods of minimizing construction delays includes: ensure adequate and available source of finance until project completion; competent project manager; availability of resources; frequent progress meeting; awarding bids to the


right/experience consultant and contractor; use of experienced subcontractors and suppliers; multidisciplinary/competent project team; accurate initial cost estimates; competent and capable of clients representative; use of appropriate construction methods; performs a preconstruction planning of project task and resources needs; and project management assistance.



Salah satu masalah yang paling umum berlaku dalam projek pembinaan adalah kelewatan. Kelewatan projek pembinaan boleh didefinisikan sebagai lewat siap kerja dibandingkan dengan jadual perancangan atau jadual kontrak. Kelewatan projek boleh disebabkan oleh bebrapa sebab diantaranya adalah sebab pemilik projek, kontraktor, takdir Allah, dan pihak ketiga. Ini boleh terjadi pada awal atau di akhir pembangunan...
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