Constructing Meaning

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Constructing Meaning: Research Analysis

EDU 669
March 4, 2013
Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan

Constructing Meaning: Research Analysis

The ability to read well is important to any student’s success. Cooper, Kiger, Robinson & Slanky (2012), suggests that reading strategies such as inferencing, monitoring/clarifying, identifying important information, generating/answering questions, summarizing/synthesizing, visualizing, making connections, and evaluating are the five most important strategies that are beneficial to students. This paper will focus on the generating and answering strategy and its benefits to student learning. In a study conducted by Julie Bugg and Mark A. McDaniel, it was found that generating and answering questions yielded a significant benefit to memory performance of students (Bugg & McDaniel. 2012). The research also found that any methods that use the generating and answering questions strategy are more effective for comprehension improvement and retention of information. This strategy works because it allows the student to become an active reader and learner. When students do not apply active reading, they do not understand what they are reading. To prove the importance and effectiveness of this strategy, these researchers examined the possible benefits of using metacognition and memory in self-generated questions and answering techniques (Bugg & McDaniel, 2012). This was used as a study strategy for an expository reading. During this study researchers created 2 question self-generation and answering conditions. Participants were taught how to create questions and practiced giving feedback before reading and studying four experimental passages. This activity was followed by a cued recall test. It was observed that the selective memory benefit was found to be consistent with the theoretical frameworks that focus on the importance of transfer- and material appropriate processing emulating the benefits of the generating and...
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