Constraints on Artists

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  • Published : March 25, 2011
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Constraints on artists influence what they do and make. Throughout the history of art Artists like Frida Kahlo, Artemisia Gentileschi, Van Gogh .... all experienced constraints throughout their life which lead them to be the artists they are today. Constraints define each individual artist. Anything could be classified as a constraint in somebody’s life but in the 5 artists that I have chosen the constraints that stand out the most are gender expectations, physical illness, mental illness and views of art critics.

Artemisia is considered one of the most accomplished painters to this day. She painted in the movement of Baroque which was a lot similar to the Renaissance art but Baroque art rebelled against the traditional style of Renaissance. In Artemisia’s era female artists were not accepted into formal art training, creating many gender constraints. Females were allowed to help out in studios but it was never easy for females to become a well known artist for themselves. She tried not to let any gender constraints hold her back from what she wanted to peruse which was to become a well known artist. Throughout Artmesia’s life she had gone through a very controversy court trial. After her father had found a man to tutor his daughter in drawing, the tutor, Tassi, raped Artmesisia. She had to undergo severe torture to test her honesty of the accusation upon Tassi. After the trial the paintings that Artemisia was creating become more evident with emotional power towards strong women. Her paintings were all very intense and showed a very emotional bond between the figures appearing in her paintings and between the paintings and the ausience. She was influenced by a famous painter, Caravaggio, through his style of creating shadow and lighting in paintings. This technique made her paintings even more powerful with a dark background but the figures standing out in the light. In all of Artemisia’s paintings she painted characters and scenarios from the bible or...
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