Constraints in Popularising Debit Card

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Constraints in Popularization of

Bank of Baroda Debit Card





A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of MBA Program

Submitted to

Bank of Baroda


The completion of any task depends upon the co-operation, coordination and consolidated efforts of several resources of knowledge, energy, and time and above all the proper guidance of the experienced bankers. Therefore I approached this matter of Acknowledgement through these lines trying my best to give full credit where it deserves.

I wish to express my gratitude to our institute, which has provided me the opportunity to fulfil the most cherished desire to reach my goal. I am thankful to all those who generously helped me to compile this project with their knowledge and expertise. Firstly I owe a great debt to, STEVENS BUSINESS SCHOOL for obliging the project, thus giving me chance to broaden my horizon and providing me all necessary resources in college to assist me in the project.

Also I owe a great debt to Mr. B.N.Menon, Sr. Manager (IT) of Bank of Baroda who has been nominated as mentor for my project and also thankful to all staffs of BOB as well as Head Office of Bank of Baroda for providing me the necessary guidelines regarding the project, for helping me to track the first hand information and supporting me in the carrying out the project successfully.

As well as reposing a belief in me, this was essential for the completion of this project.

I express my sincere thanks to Mr. PRIYA KUMAR, Senior Manager (HRM) at Regional Office Bank of Baroda Ahmedabad for giving me the opportunity to choose this topic and the project.

I would also like to thank all the persons for their contribution for shaping up of this project, which helped me directly or indirectly in completing this project.



The project is prepared during the vocational training under taken on partial fulfillment of the course of “Master of Business Administration”

Hence, this report is designed with the objective to gain practical knowledge.

According to old saying there is a huge difference between “To say and to do”.

To take theorical knowledge is important but it becomes more valuable when we apply it in the practice.

So, there is a huge difference between theory & practical. For filling this requirement training in Bank of Baroda is very practical exposure for me.

This training provides golden opportunity for every student, for better understanding in a working environment in the organization.

Hence, this report is designed with the objective to gain practical knowledge.

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