Constitutions and by Laws of Ssg

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Northside High School Science Club

Constitution and By-Laws

Article I: Purpose of the Northside High School Science Club

The primary purpose of the NHS Science Club is to encourage scholastic effort, foster scientific literacy and interest in science.

Article II: Membership

Membership in the NHS Science Club is open to students presently enrolled in a science course or were enrolled in a science course the previous semester, has/had an average of 80 and has shown interest in science. Once a student becomes a member, he/she must participate as an active member of the club.

Failure to maintain at least an average of 80 each nine weeks will result in probation during which time the student cannot participate in club activities. If the student fails to improve the science course grade to an 80 average for the second consecutive grading period, the student will be dropped from the club membership roll.

Activities in which the student must participate may include club meetings, Science Olympiad, Envirothon, other science competitions, and special projects.

Article III: Dues

Each member must pay a $20.00 membership fee for dues by the first meeting of the school year.

Article IV: Attendance

Club members must report to club meetings on the designated days and must remain during the entire time period of the meeting. If a member is not eligible to attend or desires not to attend a meeting, he/she must attend the regular scheduled class for that period when held during the regular school day.

A majority of the meetings will be held during nonschool hours for guest speakers, practice for competitions and/or special projects. Failure of a club member to attend club meetings and participate in special projects may result in a student being ineligible for future club...
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