Constitutional Timeline

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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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The creation of the U. S. Constitution was not as easily done as some people would think. As with most things done in life, people learn by trial and error. There are many documents that are of great significance that attributed to the creation of the U.S Constitution. The five documents or events that helped with the creation of the United States Constitution was the Magna Carta (1215), the Mayflower Compact (1620), the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Articles of Confederation (1777), and the Federalist Papers (1787-1788).

Going in order, I will begin with the Magna Carta (1215). According to the NEH, “the Magna Carta served to lay the foundation for the evolution of parliamentary government and subsequent declarations of rights in Great Britain and the United States.” The Magna Carta defends the “dew process” of the law; everyone has legal rights that the states to follow. “Near the completion of the 13th century, the Magna Carta contributed to the support of the idea of a “higher law,” one that could not be modified by executive mandate or legislative acts,” (NEH, 1996). The notion helped to enfold toward the Supremacy clause of the United States Constitution and enforced by the Supreme Court. This was only the beginning to the making of the Constitution.

The second document was the Mayflower Compact (1620), and it was the “scaffold to the Plymouth colony. Being that this document was convenient where by the settlers would subordinate their rights to follow laws passed by the government to ensure protection and survival made it a unique document,” (Martin, 2012). The Mayflower Compact helped the founding fathers while they created the U.S. Constitution. The colonies had to find some way to break from the hold that King George III had on them because he was still in control of everything.

Thirdly, is the Declaration of Independence (1776), and it has great significance to the American people because King George III had control of everything and it...
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