Constitutional Law Rights of Refugees

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  • Published: August 3, 2013
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The Extension of the Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Act 22 of 2012 (herein after referred to as the Act) deals with the criteria for orders for immediate deportation. s12(2) of the Act is a violation of the separation of powers and therefore undermines of the lawmaking process and erodes the checks and balances on government power entrenched in the constitution. s12(1) of the Act is a permissible delegation of power as the power is not unfettered and is recognised by the court as necessary for effective implementation of the law. The doctrine of separation of powers is a model of government, in which in order to control power and delegate functions the government is divided in three organs; the judiciary, the legislature and the judiciary.

Firstly the procedural aspect will be dealt with. The constitution vests, in parliament alone, the power to make laws for South Africa in accordance with the procedures set out in the constitution. The separation of powers serves to protect the integrity of the legislative process. This is because if it is adhered to then the law making functions will remain with the legislature and there is no danger that the procedures will not be followed because some other organ of state or body is making laws. There must be a distinction made between the delegation of power to make subordinate legislation, which is limited through a statute, and delegating complete legislative power to amend and act which is unfettered. In Executive Council of the Western Cape Legislature v President of South Africait was held that parliament could not delegate complete legislative power to amend acts to the president as this was a violation of the function of separation of powers to protect the integrity of the legislation process entrenched in the constitution and therefore this delegation is unconstitutional .

Therefore in the present case it is clear that to delegate complete legislative power as s12(2) of the Act does, violates the...
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