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News Values

Definition Of News
News has been defined differently by different experts. Some of the definitions are given below: 1. News is anything out of the ordinary
2.   News is the unusual picture of life.
3.   News is anything that people talk about; the more it excites the greater its value.      , 4.   News comprises all current activities which are of general human interest and the best news is that which interests most of the reader*. 5.   Anything that enough people want to read is news provided it does not violate the canons of good taste and the law of libel. 6.   News is like a hot cake coming straight from oven.

7.    News is the report of an event that is fresh, unusual and which is interesting to a greater number of people. From these definitions we are now clear to have understood the elements of news. Let’s see what these are. Objectivity

News is the factual report of an event. What the reporter sees is supposed to report. Objectivity means to report the facts exactly the same way as they occurred. It goes against objectivity if the reporter adds something from his own imagination. Comment/suggestion or proposal is not the task of a news reporter. These are considered right in a column, editorial, etc. In these formats of journalistic writings the writer can provide in-depth and background information. In simplest words objectivity means just to report the tip of the iceberg and leave the rest to analytical and in-depth reporting. It will not be an objective reporting if the reporter wants to angle, slant or shade the news. Introduction Of News Values

News values are general guidelines or criteria used by media outlets, such as newspapers or broadcast media, to determine how much prominence to give to a story. They are fundamental to understanding news production and the choices that editors and other journalists face when deciding that one piece of information is news while another is not.  According to former Times and Sunday Times Editor, Harold Evans, a news story… … Is about necessary information and unusual events

… Should be based on observable facts
… Should be an unbiased account
… Should be free from the reporter’s opinion
However, the selection of news stories is subject to a wider range of influences than this simple basic definition. News values is about examining the process of selecting news sources, and how news Values inform the process.

News values, sometimes called “news criteria,” are commonly held to be active at several stages in the gate keeping process.
First, they supposedly make a story or event more likely to be chosen as news (the “selection” hypothesis). Second, they're said to be underscored, or even exaggerated when a news story is written (the “distortion” hypothesis), and finally, they are purportedly further emphasized as a news item passes through each stage of the Production process.

A variety of external and internal pressures influence journalists' decisions on which stories are covered, how issues are interpreted and the emphasis given to them. These pressures can sometimes lead to bias or unethical reporting. Achieving relevance, giving audiences the news they want and find interesting, is an increasingly important goal for media outlets seeking to maintain market share in a rapidly evolving market. This has made news organizations more open to audience input and feedback, and forced them to adopt and apply news values that attract and keep audiences Some news organizations use the term 'News Values' to describe a different concept: the ethical standards expected of journalists in their work. These ground rules spell out the good practice journalists should apply as they gather and process news stories. They are simply a code of ethics or canons of good and responsible journalism. These guidelines attempt to ensure the integrity of the journalist and guarantee the reliability of the news story. Both...
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