Constitutional Convention Speech

Topics: United States, Separation of powers, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Countrymen, my fellow delegates, we are gathered here at this convention to discuss the means of ratifying our constitution. First off, I would like to restate that we all have our own different views of government and we are all free to opinion. However, when it comes to the approval of this great document there should only be one side. This side, of course, pushes for the agreement that this constitution of our United States of America is what is best for the country and its inhabitants.

I have heard the anti-federalist complaints and understand why you would side with such things. You might reason that, the national government will have too much more power and will overpower state governments. We all know that the anti-federalists are afraid of a strong national government but it is almost necessary. I can assure you that without a government that has power both politically and militarily, all chaos can break loose. We need this constitution to provide structure and backbone to our new country. Now, with the government having power I have also heard the cries that some are concerned about losing the rights that were so passionately fought for during our Revolution. After conversing with fellow delegates, both federalist and anti-federalist, we think these cries can be put to rest by the addition of a Bill of Rights. I think we can all agree on the preservation of our hard earned rights, so the addition of a Bill of Rights seems like a fair compromise to sway you towards ratification. I hope that you will take this into consideration so that we can move on and put into place the constitution that our country desperately needs.

The last theory about this document I would like to put to rest is that the executive branch of government will have too much power. Most of all, this document prevents us from having another all-powerful king such as the British. If you have fully read the constitution you would understand that we have already formulated a...
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