Constitution of Uk and Usa

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Formation of constitution 3 of UK

Formation of constitution
of USA

Salient features of constitution 7 of UK

Salient features of constitution 9 of USA

Comparison between constitution 12 of UK and USA

After, Declaration of Independence in 1776, the delegates at the Second Continental Congress agreed that a new government was necessary to govern the now-independent colonies. After much debate, they drafted and adopted the Articles of Confederation in 1777. Although the Articles were not officially ratified until 1781 because Maryland refused to ratify because of a territorial dispute, they served as the de facto constitution until that time. Under the authority of the Articles, the states created a national Congress comprised of annually elected delegates from all thirteen states. Each state had one vote in Congress, and in most cases decisions were made based on majority rule.

The national Congress’s powers over the states were specific and definite, it had the sole power to negotiate treaties, declare war, and make peace. It also reserved the right to maintain an army and navy and regulated interaction with Native Americans in the West. The delegates also granted Congress the power to resolve interstate disputes, grant loans, print money, and operate a national postal system. Eventually, Congress was also authorized to govern western territories until they achieved statehood. All powers not granted to Congress were reserved for state governments. Congress had no power to impose taxes, for example. It could only request that the individual states raise revenue to cover their share of national expenses. Furthermore, any amendments made to the Articles required unanimous agreement from the states. Many Americans were dissatisfied with life under the Articles of Confederation. Economic depression hit soon after the American Revolution ended. Legislators nationwide agreed that change to the government was necessary if the United States were to survive.

To address the problems with the Articles of Confederation, delegates from five states met at the Annapolis Convention in Maryland in 1786. However, they could not agree on how these issues should be resolved. Finally, a new convention was proposed for the next year with the express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation.

In 1787, delegates from twelve of the thirteen states excluding Rhode Island met at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Most of them did have experience writing their own state...
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