Constitution, Elitist or Democratic

Topics: Democracy, United States Constitution, Government Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: October 2, 2008
Is the Constitution Elitist or Democratic

Apart from the most important individual values, optimal orgasms and a gentle death, the most important social values are freedom and safety. In many instances, safety is a prerequisite to freedom, which is why a strong government is usually needed.

A government can come into existence via different routes. One of the possible routes is to be elected, more or less directly, by the people. This is what we call a democracy. Whether this government later interferes with the personal freedom of the people or not has very little to do with the fact that it was established in a democratic way.

As a matter of fact, a democratic route of establishing a government often has lead, and leads, to governments that interfere to a high degree with the personal freedom of the people. Hitler was democratically elected. Saddam Hussein came to power in a democratic succession. The Iranian government is democratically elected. All of these governments have not been, and are not, dedicated to preserve or grant personal freedom.

The US is a democracy, but it also is the world’s most advanced police state. Whether a country is a police state or not has nothing to do with the question of how a government came into power, whether democratically or by any other way. To characterize a country as a police state just means that the police have wide-ranging power over the lives of the country’s citizens. And this is certainly the case in the US.

It doesn’t really matter where the power of the police originates from. Whether it stems from power vested into the police by summary decree, or from a huge body of written legislation and regulations, as in the case of the US.

It’s a very common misconception anywhere in the world to equate “democracy” with “freedom”. Democracy just means that a large number of largely incompetent voters are allowed to decide who should lead a government.

In the Philippines, largely incompetent voters...
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