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Topics: United States Constitution, United States, Articles of Confederation Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Stephanie Estrada
Professor Ellis
History 1301
1 October 2012
Constitution Café Essay
The Constitution Café written by Christopher Phillips is mainly about the viewpoints of students around the country and what could be different about the Constitution. While the majority of the students from the meetings feel like there should be a few things added to the articles of the Constitution, because things are different today than when it was first written in 1787. The book informs the readers on the basics of our rights and understanding more about the Constitution itself. There are many issues discussed such as immigration, justice for all, rights, money matters but I’ll only be going over a few of these issues.

One argument Phillips discusses is the number of refugees who immigrate to the United States. There are a few students in the meeting that admit to be refugees, and are trying to support their families who are back in Mexico. They argue how it’s not right for Mexico president and leaders who are able to fly over into other countries in their private jets, but immigrants like Ricardo would end up getting killed for trying to find work in the U.S. “We never had rights in Mexico, though our homeland’s constitution says we all have equal rights,” says Oscar (p.112). Although they don’t have any rights in the U.S., they still find a way to work harder than most citizens and will do anything to provide the best life for their families. I strongly agree with the Constitution Café Article the students wrote in which they want the Constitution to change, because most refugees who come to the U.S. want to have rights and live life without worrying about getting deported back to Mexico. Many Americans say immigrants shouldn’t be allowed if they weren’t born in the U.S. and call them names such as ‘wetbacks’ but some take that as a compliment since their backs are wet, because they work the hardest.

Another argument the author addresses is with a few...
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