Constantinople and Tortonto

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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The main comparison with Constantinople and Toronto is the multiculturalism. Toronto is the most cosmopolitan city on the planet, and Constantinople was one of the highest rated multicultural cities in its time. 90% of the population in Toronto is of European or foreign decent. Constantinople: 9486 Muslim Turkish, 4127 Greek, 1687 Jewish, 434 Armenian, 267 Genoese, 332 from Europe other then Genoa, and 31 gypsy.

In both cities there was no barrier in Muslims living with Christians and Jews and other religions resided With each other. Various cultures are able to construct and retain their own places of worship, to use their languages and to follow their costumes.

Both cities grew in the centre of trade, power and culture because of their key locations where the cities standed. Constantinople sits on the Bosporus, the straight that marks the division between Europe and Asia, affording entry into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean. This allowed for many people to travel round and for great trading routes. Toronto has connection with the great lakes and the St. Lawrence river for amazing trading routes and it is also near the Canadian-US border which always for better trading and tourism.

Economy stayed high in Toronto because banks in Toronto refused to give loans or mortgages in certain neighborhoods; no racial ghettos were created; highways, in the main, did not fragment the city; and urban renewal did not destroy the past. Constantinople being a large trading hub managed to keep its economy high through trading in the numerous routes they had to Asia and Europe.
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