Constantine vs Ashoka

Topics: Roman Empire, Constantine I, Christianity Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Tamika Wright
Constantine vs. Ashoka
World Civilization: Jackson State University
Dr. Susan S Maneck

When reviewing the histories of the religions of Christianity and Buddhism, you can not help but come across the names of Ashoka and Constantine the Great. Even though Ashoka and Constantine aided in the spread of their empires and respective religions they had different reasons for doing so. Constantine, the son of a Roman Army officer was trained as a solider early on in his life. While he was growing up the role of emperor changed hands many times. Until and Roman general name Diocletian seized the throne

During the leadership of Diocletian, he made a reform where he appointed Maximian, as a co emperor and two others co-rulers who became known as the Caesares. One of the Casesares was Constantius, Constantine the Great’s father, to a section of the empire that he divided into four territories. The rules of this new division of land came to be called the Tertiary. With this new older of power, the Roman Empire became stable again.

Although many years had passed since Diocletian came to rein, he still had one problem that he had not dealt with. He somewhat despised that Christian population of the empire because they would not worship that Roman Emperor as a divine figure. This was a major issue for Diocletian because the Christian population had been steadily growing and if they started to outnumber those who worshipped the emperor as a godly figure then that would put a damper on the Tertiary’s leadership. Also, the Christians would not declare their loyalty to the state through sacrifices, taxation or imperial service. To fix this dilemma, Diocletian proclaimed that any person that worshipped the Christian faith was an enemy of state. He ordered his subordinates to persecute bishops and priests trying to compel the Christians to become loyal to him. Many Christians stood their grounds, refusing to surrender regardless the ruthless acts of...
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