Consolidated Products

Topics: Communication, Information, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Course Name: Business Communication
Assignment Title: Consolidated Products

In this essay I will discuss what has happened to the flow of information. Then I will identify and discuss the barriers to the flow of downward and upward communication. Lastly I will discuss how Phil Jones could improve the flow of information and what objectives would he has in mind. There is an increase to the downward information flow and decrease to the upward information flow. When Phil took over, he set more objectives and standards for the plant and thus increased the downward information flow. There is less upward information flow as there is less feedback, suggestions from non-management employees to management due to higher turnover rates as a result of issues not raised or resolved. The barrier to the downward flow is top heavy management and poor communication skills. Information seems to be hoarding at the top between manager and supervisors but not enough communication between manager and workers. Distrust from Phil towards the supervisors’ decision making ability could be seen when he forcefully ‘insisted that supervisors check with him first before taking any significant actions’. This could have been one cause for the high turnover rates as receiver could become incorporative due to feeling untrustworthy as a result of the way the information is communicated to them. The barrier to the upward flow includes lack of trust, closed communication climate, top heavy organization structure and poor communication skills. Phil ‘reprimand the worker right on the stop to set an example whenever someone makes one mistake’. It is likely that the workers distrust and disrespect Phil as they are under a lot of pressure, feel they are being treated unfairly and do not feel valued. Employees who distrust their employers are less likely to communicate openly and less likely to provide feedback. Phil terminated the fitness center, parties and human relations training...
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