Consistently Exceed at Work

Topics: Customer service, Customer, 2006 singles Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 11, 2013
For a company such as Wegmans to thrive, coworkers need to work together as a team and to accomplish this requires incorporating the Wegmans who we are values in our work performances. Working in the meat department customer service, I help empower others by being impartial towards ideas they have to offer pertaining to better ways a tasks can be carried out and new ideas on food recipes. One can really make a big difference during adversity, but making a difference is not about being a big hero. It is simply about taking that extra step above expectations. I help make a difference through the Wegmans charity program. I reflect High standards in my work performance by trying to get better in customer service. Learning to become patient with people, being tactful at all times both towards customers and coworkers. Starting out in the meat department a year ago and knowing absolutely nothing related to meat cutting and what meat goes with what recipe. I have been able to continuously expand my knowledge in which I can use in my day to day life and also apply it when it comes to helping customers. A company with no respect within themselves and towards their customers cannot flourish as a whole. Having respect towards coworkers and customers also affects the way a company is perceived. Caring for coworkers helps the growth and outcome of the company as a whole and by knowing coworkers weaknesses, we can helping each other out in area we need help. I reflect caring in my work performance by covering shift for a coworkers and staying past my schedule when needed.
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