Considerations in Casino Design

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  • Published : March 16, 2005
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Considerations in Casino Design

" Architecture organizes and structures space for us, and its interiors and the objects enclosing and inhabiting its rooms can facilitate or inhibit our activities by the way they use this language"(Lawson pg.6).

Casinos are tough and competitive markets that strive to out do one another in promotions, amenities and overall design. A critical analysis of the considerations taken when designing a casino can be broken down into the theoretical forces of psychology, that include motivational, cognitive, perceptual and social influences. In this examination I will determine the aspects of design that should be taken into account to create a successful operation. " Casinos are often designed to make people feel submissive and to enhance emotional arousal" ( Guelph News Release). Casinos implement certain elements to induce these feelings such as identification checks and security officers, asymmetrical colors and designs and ambient noise levels. These perceptual influences evoke a social status in the patrons of the casino, either making them feel as if they are out of place or these subliminal tactics may not affect them at all. Casinos also use strategic placement of gaming tables versus slot machine and other support facilities to create a "labyrinth" quality that encourages a sense of adventure and exploration leading the customers all around the facility before even exposing them to anything other than that casino's facilities. The patron's perception is also altered in casinos by dismissing the use of clocks and the presence of windows on the gaming floor to give the sensation that there is no "down time" and patrons are encouraged to stay up all night on the floor. By providing them with twenty-four hour services and amenities, casino operators create a sensation for the patrons that the days spent in the casino feel as if you stepped out of normal time. "The geographic location of a casino is a huge consideration"...
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