Consideration for the Social Position of One Fashion Brand

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Fashion brand : Matohu (Tokyo, Japan)
Founded 2005 Presenting women`s wear in the tokyo fashion week every season but also have a few mens wear in the production.

1. Reverence for tradition, Re-discovering They always try to combine the fashion and the cultural heritage of Japan. They would like to ew discovering one by one the manifestations of the Japanese eye that tend to disappear and following those in their original ways. All products are made by domestic industries.

2. Consistent idea, strong philosophy The brand name ``matohu`` is showing their philosophy, there is two meanings.

-wear clothes in such a way that it creates an atmosphere of beauty and leaving a gentle afterglow. -allowing oneself to mature like a fruit, slowly. Not to consume something hurredly throw it away.

Their concept as first 10 collections were consistency based on one of Japanese period which called ``Keicho period``. Keicho was the most attractive age in the Japanese history, they tought. The current series of collections investigate ``the notion of the Japanese eye``

They consistency have one basic product in every season by changing textiles based on the season concept which called ``Nagagi`` robe. It is a unisex two-in-one robe with an inner and outer layer based on ``Kimono`` form.

3. Fashion activity and Cultural activity When the first 10 collections were finished, they presented the huge exhibition in the art gallery. They introduced the history of arts and crafts of Keicho period with their past 10 collections. They are acting not only in the fashion industry but also cltural scenes to inherit and hand down historical legacies.

This brand is mainly acting in Japanese markets. The flagship shop is located in Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan. Around this area, there are people who value quality above prices. And people who do not prefer following fashion and seek own original modern style. Those people might like matohu...
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