Consider What You Have Learned About Why We Assess Young Children. Based on Pages 31–33 of Assessing and Guiding Young Children's Development and Learning and the Video Segment

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Childhood Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Consider what you have learned about why we assess young children. Based on pages 31–33 of Assessing and Guiding Young Children's Development and Learning and the video segment "Overview of Assessment"," briefly explain the importance of developmentally appropriate assessments.

ANS: There are different importance of developmentally appropriate assessments that I learned from our text. As a teachers we can not assume every age are the same or makes an assumption about their development and learn style. It is very important to identify which area each child need special help and set a goal on how we can help them out. Assessment help teachers to set a goal for each child in their care. Assessment information can used as communication log in a meeting with other staffs or with parent in a conference. Policymakers, the early childhood profession, and other stakeholders in young children's lives have many shared responsibilities regarding effective assessment (NAEYC & NAEC/SDE, 2003, p. 4). Using the information presented on pages 3–6 of Assessing and Guiding Young Children's Development and Learning, explain the responsibilities of each of these groups in ensuring effective assessment.

ANS: As a professional child care our responsibilities to ensure an effective assessment is to identify the make issue that we are trying to help each child on. Set a goal and programs that can help to improve their literacy and development. After the assessment teachers should use the appropriate assessment methods on each child. Share their results with the children, their parent and others staffs. Also as the text stated “ developing valid pupil grading procedures which use pupil assessment. Parent,policy makers and the general public; with the accountability are expected to report their procedures and they are sensitive to children progress make sure children do well on their accountability tests. The test to this result are available to everyone from...
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