Conserving Bodies of Water by: Rabp

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I. Objectives
1. Identify ways of conserving bodies of water. (PELC VI, 4.4) 2. Show care and concern practice ways of conserving bodies of water. 3. Appreciate the importance of bodies of water.

II. Subject Matter
a. Topic:Ways of Conserving bodies of Water
b. References: Science and Health III
Science, Health and Environment III, pages 225- 226
c. Concept:1. Water may come from different sources such as rivers, lake and other bodies of water, rain and underground. 2. Underground water is the best water because it is potable. 3. Conserving bodies of water shows we care for it.

d. Values:Appreciation, Conservation
e. Processes:Observation, Description and Inference
f. Materials:Pictures showing polluted bodies of water
Puzzle word
Visual aids

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities| |
Teacher Activity| Pupils Activity|
1. Greetings| |
Good Afternoon Grade IIIAnd I am very glad to see you too.| Good Afternoon Ms. PeridoWere glad to see you.| 2. Checking of Attendance| |
Is there any absent today?| None Ma’am.|
3. Checking of Assignment| |
Do we have an assignment?So, bring out all your assignment. Can somebody tell me what our assignment was all about?“pupils name”So, based on your drawing, can you please explain your assignment?“pupils name”Another?“pupils name”Another?“pupils name”| Yes Ma’am.A drawing about the effects of pollutants like garbage on water, animals, plants and people.In my drawing it shows that the girl is throwing her plastics in not proper places.It shows that the baby is malnourished.It shows that the plants died.| 4. Recall| |

Let’s have a review about our past lesson. I have here sets of letter that arrange in columns and rows. All you have to do is to find the different bodies of water.| |
Direction: Loop the word of different bodies of water.

G| R| O| U| N| D| W| A| T| E| R|
A| B| C| B| K| P| F| A| L| L| Groundwater
F| I| D| R| L| Q| V| D| A| M| O|
R| R| E| O| M| R| L| Z| D| H| C|
I| A| F| O| N| S| E| A| E| I| E|
V| I| I| K| O| S| W| A| K| S| A|
E| N| U| N| M| T| X| B| F| E| N|
R| G| H| I| O| N| Y| I| K| K| M|

“pupils name”“pupils name”“pupils name”“pupils name”“pupils name”“pupils name”“pupils name”Thank you class. It seems that you really understood the different bodies of water; let’s move on for our discussion today. But before that, do you want a game?| GroundwaterRiverSeaBrookFallsOceanSeaYes we do.|

B. Lesson Proper| |
1. Motivation| |
Okay! Our game is entitled “Fix Me I’m Broken”. I have here 4 envelopes that contain different pictures. All you have to do is to complete the puzzle in just 2 minutes. Is it clear?I will group you into 4.This will be the group 1.This will be the group 2.This will be the group 3.This will be the group 4.Representative of each group, please pick an envelope. Go to your designated area and form a circle.| Yes Ma’am|

Completing the puzzle….. After 2 minutes…..|

Times up. Please go back to your seats and post your work on the board.| The representative of each group will post their work on the board.|

Those puzzles are pictures showing polluted bodies of water.|

Group 1, please report the puzzle that you completed.Group 2Group 3Group 4So, do you think these pictures show concern to the bodies of water?So, what suggestions can you give?“pupils name”Very good. What else?“pupils name”Why did you say so?Thank you class for your answer.| It shows a picture of a river that is full of garbage.Chemical wastes from factories dumped into the river.Crude oil spilled from cargo ships.It shows that a girl throws her garbage into the river.No Ma’am.I will tell to them that throwing garbage is not proper activities of a man.I will tell to...
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