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Conservative Writing

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  • September 2006
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There are several different types of writers. It really doesn't matter if you're conservative or liberal when writing. It comes down to being able to argue your point and also try and make the reader understand your point of view or your opinion. Shelby Steele is considered to be a conservative writer after reading her essay "Or a Childish Illusion of Justice" I would have to argue against the proposition that her conservative biases prevents her from presenting her argument fairly and accurately. I think she does a nice job describing how black people are holding themselves back and using all the wrong reasons not to succeed. One of Shelby Steele statements reflects this when she says "I believe the greatest problem black America has had over the past 30 years has been precisely a faith in reparational uplift—the idea that all the injustice we endured would somehow translate into the means of uplift" (437). I feel this is a very strong statement Steele makes. She continues by arguing her position that everything black people fought for only stagnated their cause and did little to help. After reading her essay I thought she brought up a lot of valid points that you really don't think about till someone explains them to you. It's like viewing the problem from a different angle. Sometimes you need to step back and take a fresh look the situation before making judgments.

After reading James Q. Wilson's "What Death-Penalty Errors? I would have to argue against the proposition that his conservative biases prevent him from presenting his argument fairly and accurately. Mr. Wilson argues his view very effectively and thoroughly. He uses sources that are reliable and accurate and also uses well-organized support of his main points. His sources include a Columbia University report, appeal courts and also the United States Supreme Court. I feel both writers presented their arguments fairly and accurately and that their conservative biases did not prevent them from...

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