Conservative or Liberal

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  • Published : November 28, 2001
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Conservative or Liberal?
By: Josh Bachmeier

When asked whether I am a Conservative or a Liberal, I would have probably told you that I am a Conservative based solely upon my parents views I suppose, to be honest with you I probably could not give you any reasons why I am one or the other. I may be have been able to give you a dictionary definition of the words but that is a far reach to the beliefs of each of their labels.

The truth is that I am sure that I share views with both Conservatives and Liberals. After doing some research, I discovered that Liberals and Conservatives, each thought the other was irrational. Liberals didn't understand how you could be pro-life for abortion and be for the death penalty. And if you talk to Conservatives, they find Liberals seem just as irrational. How could you be against putting murderers to death but sanction abortion? I can see both sides of this situation. All to many Americans see Conservatives who are greedy and mean spirited. Some conservatives may be, but they are far outnumbered by the loving, generous, intelligent Conservatives who love their country and seek to preserve the best in its historic values.

Likewise do many Americans see Liberals as Fagans, picking the pockets of the wealthy, corrupting the morals of our youth, and exhibiting not the slightest hint of conscience or self-control. And again these people are far outnumbered by Liberals who have deep religious faith and follow the commandments to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Their support of government programs like welfare and social security is almost driven not by their own interest, but by their concern for others.

In conclusion just by examining a few tiny pieces of information I guess I would not be willing to establish myself into either of these political bodies although I am sure that many others would. I suppose that I would I would put myself in some other regime. I would like not to be put into a...
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