Conservation of Physical Resources

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Conservation of physical resources in the Caribbean
Firstly the term Physical Resource needs to be defined. According to the book Modules in Social Studies, physical resources are those gifts of nature such as land, water, minerals, forestry, sunlight and wind. Human beings, utilize these physical resources to manufacture a variety of products. Physical Resources are classified into two categories-renewable and non-renewable. A renewable resource is one which can be reinforced, resupplied, replaced or replenished after it has been used. For example: land, forests, water and animals. On the other hand a non-renewable resource is one that cannot be replaced, or replenished after is has been used. For example: petroleum, bauxite, gold and diamonds. In the Caribbean there are a variety of mineral resources found throughout the region. Two of these mineral resources are petroleum and bauxite. Petroleum in its various categories (crude oil, natural gas and pitch) is a fossil fuel which was formed millions of years ago through the effect of temperature and pressure on organic matter which submerged under the earth’s surface. Petroleum has a large variety of uses. Crude Oil is used for fuel in aeroplanes and to make candles, soap and wax paper. Natural Gas is used in the generation of electricity and in manufacturing operations. Explanation for another mineral resource

In the extraction of petroleum a mining company would want to consider possible consequences which include: erosion and sedimentation, contamination of soil and habitat modification. Erosion and sedimentation present another environmental issue for mine sites. When material is disturbed in significant quantities, as it is in the mining process, large quantities of sediment are transported by water erosion. The sediment eventually drops out of solution and sedimentation occurs at some point downstream from the erosive source. The degree of erosion and sedimentation depends on: the degree to which the...
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