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The Meaning of Conservation
Proper use of resources and strict compliance with the rules on conservation are the keys to protecting and conserving our limited resources. Conservation is the act of using and protecting resources properly. Catching animals, throwing garbage, and using and harnessing the different resources should all adhere to the proper way of conservation. Importance to Living Things. Conservation is very important to all living things. The environment where organisms live is dependent on conservation. Organisms depend on each other and on their environment. For organisms to continue to exist, their environment must also exist. Economic Value. A nation benefits more from an organized, clean, and unexploited environment because more potential resources can be harnessed from it. As in the birds' nests in the caves of Palawan, natural resources in places that are well taken care of are of higher quality and are more abundant. Aesthetics and Recreation.An environment rich in resources is very attractive. Examples of these are pristine beaches, rivers, and streams, as well as virgin forests. A clean environment helps citizens maintain strong and healthy bodies. Importance to Science. A healthy environment can be used as a science laboratory. Chemicals and medicines can also be discovered in the environment. Proper Use of Resources

Because resources are important, they need to be protected. Here are some of the proper ways of using resources: 1. Do not use harmful chemicals on croplands. These chemicals degrade the quality of the soil and cause air pollution. 2. Stop illegal hunting, logging, and fishing. Species are in danger of extinction because of this undesirable practice. Aside from causing floods and landslides, illegal logging may result in the extinction of animals in the affected area. Trees serve as animal habitats, and if they are gone, the animals will have no...
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