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  • Published: February 15, 2013
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What are the moral consequences of consequentialism?

Consequentialism is defined as of all the things a person might do at any given moment; the morally right action is the one with the best overall consequences.  Peter Singer who is a philosopher expresses his views on animal rights, abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and bestiality. According to William Crawley’s interview with Singer, Singer’s opinions on these topics provoke a great deal of controversy because there are really no concrete answers and the proposed solutions to these views are debatable.

One of the most controversial issues is abortion, in the interview and article "Peter Singer: Abortion, the dividing lines," Singer passionately speaks about his pro-abortion view and how to minimize the pain of the fetus when it is about to be murdered. The article can be related to the interview because Singer tells us what makes a person to be a person and what is a person of being a rational substance. In the interview he uses this example where if a baby was born with only a brain stem and nothing else in the brain. The child would never recognize his or her parents, have any emotions, communicate or do anything either, Singer argues based on determining whether or not this child is a rational substance, and rational substance is what defines a person to be a person. He said this child may be born by human parents, but it is not a rational substance nor will it ever be rational. A chimpanzee was also mentioned in the interview, where the chimpanzee is far more self aware, rational, capable of connecting and loving other species. The chimpanzee is rational and is just as prestigious as a humans. The child's life will be completely up to the parents and doctors whether or not they are capable supporting the child and other factors involved. Singer does not think that murdering the child is immoral because that child is not a rational substance and never will be.

I completely agree with Singer in this example, if there was a glimpse of hope where the child can progress I would believe it is wrong to let the child die, but in this scenario it is bringing emotional pain and to parents to see that their child can never recognize or communicate with them. There would not be much difference if the child dies naturally or put to death by parents and doctors, I agree the child is breathing and is alive, but he or she is not living life, not experiencing nor can ever experience the point of living. The point of living in life is to progress, learn, experience all types of hardships and happiness. I am not agreeing that we should let parents decide on whether or not putting to death on every abnormal child's life, just under certain circumstances where as to speak of a child not being a rational substance or not capable of experience life.

As for the article, Singer argued that abortion does not deal with any moral issues, how it is wrong to ask "When does a human life begin?" and address of potentiality of a fetus becoming a person. He first point out that having and keeping a child is severe hardship. On the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the brain is not developed to the point where it is conscience. He further discuses how even in the last stages of pregnancy the fetus is not self-aware, and have the capacity to feel pain but it is not capable of doing anything right or wrong. Singer also points out how the opponent's argues that the fetus have potentiality of becoming a person, or even the next Albert Einstein. He believes this argument is absurd, because billions of human cells can potentially become persons, and with our advance technology today we can make that happen. Singer concluded that the fine line of abortion to draw is at birth.

I think that consequentialism in abortion depends significantly on the parents. I am a pro-choice to begin with, and I strongly concur with Singer on his views. I don't think it even matters when the fetus forms into a human....
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