Consequences of a College Student Cheating on Exams

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  • Published : July 27, 2011
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Consequences of a College Student Cheating on Exams
There is no doubt that everyone has at least once tried or managed to cheat in their life. Cheating is quite a popular thing and for many pupils and students this seems to be the only possibility to have good grades and good results. At some age and sometimes even in the adulthood we have to cheat partially. However, everyone understands that cheating in school and college is quite natural and understandable but such a procedure should not proceed and repeat in the future life and cheating must not become a tradition. So, first of all, what do we all understand as ‘cheating’? First of all we have associations with something prohibited, wrong and dishonest. If to be more specific, then it should be stated that cheating is a process or a certain action that implicates practicing fraud and some dishonest method in order to get the desired result or grade. When we talk about cheating in college then we understand that there can be several types of it used and performed. For instance academic cheating may mean that one person is trying to represent somebody else’s work and somebody else’s ideas as his own. Moreover, it can also mean that a student obtains the correct answers or tasks to some test or other academic activity in advance. Moreover, asking someone to do some sort of work instead of you and moreover, paying for this service is also considered to be a cheating. According to the most recent statistics the number of students cheating in college has quite increased as compared to the previous years. Some people think that the reason for this is the fact that almost all the students are more worried about their grades and not about their real knowledge and the level of education. Moreover, in such a way, when the main purpose is simply to have good grades using any possible method, the quality of the education is also affected and it is quite low. About 50 years ago or even less it was far not so...
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