Consequences of War

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Many people agree that War is patriotic and that it allows the American people to live freely, hence, the reason we are known as “The land of the free, and home of the brave.” War has snuck in to be a very popular topic all around the world today, as many country’s are disagreeing and entering war. But, is war really worth all the suffering it brings to humanity and the aftermath effects that may come. Whatever your outlook on war might be, we can all come to an agreement that it is not peaceful. A lot of us have not been in war, and never will be, but, we have the opportunity to see what tragedies it brings through the way authors, journalists, and photographs express the feelings of soldiers and the horrific suffering on a daily basis.

By analyzing photographs by, Chris Hondros, I was very disturbed. I can say I saw some things nobody should ever see. The pictures showed how the lives of people that were affected by the war have been impacted. These people are living in poverty and can not escape the dangers of what war has brought. It is not just the soldiers that suffer, it is also the families. Family’s of fallen soldiers or innocent mothers, baby’s, and fathers that have been caught in the middle of action. Looking at these pictures made me feel a sense of coldness, it is not fair to ruin lives over something political, unless the problem threatens the lives of American people.

An article, "Environmental Effects of Warfare: The Impact of War on the Environment and Human Health, stuck out to me. Does humanity all around the world understand the consequences war brings to nature and how it may affect civilizations for years after. War is fought over land, air, or water. Many different things are effected by this and it changes the way things are in nature. Whether it may matter to you or not, these living things also have free agency and should not be terrorized. Chemicals have become an important weapon in combat, and it is a very powerful technique....
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