Consequences of Technology

Topics: Human, World population, Life expectancy Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Matt Unick
Prof. Rhone
ENG 101
Consequences of technology
The most significant event in history has been argued by many scholars through the years. The industrial revolution, the renaissance, or even the Neolithic revolution all have been the top choices. One event that doesn’t get as much attention is the event that is happening in the world today. The world is going through a technology surge unlike ever before. It is an increasing advancement in technology with every passing day; some might look back at it as a modern day renaissance. The increasing advancements of today’s world has the potential benefits of creating a perfect modern society of; no illness, easily accessible transportation, and maximum efficiency. The potential of technology in today’s world were unrealistic thoughts a few decades ago. Though the positives of technology can lead to extraordinary opportunities the reliance on it will be the destruction of humanity. The negative aspects of technological advancements includes the extinction of simple survival instincts, technology is gradually making humans dumber, and creating an unhealthy increase in human beings. Technology is improving our everyday lifestyles and the efficiency of life itself, but relying on technology proves to be negative. The world has limited resources which means limited resources to fill our electricity. Without electricity most of the technology that is relied on will be useless. There will be no more ‘google it’ to provide information at any given moment. Simple activities used to survive hundreds of years ago are long forgotten. The processes of farming, hunting, gathering, finding natural medicine, and domesticating animals are now unknown to the common man. In Julia Davies article she discusses how dangerous it has become to rely on technology. “A year ago there was an explosion in Shrewsbury that knocked out the hospital's power for several hours. Some of the electrical equipment...
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