Consequences of Tattoos

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Acquiring tattoos without thinking of the consequences
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March 07, 2010
Michaela Roessner-Herman

Tattoos: The 21st century status symbol. Individuals are crowding the tattoo shops to become part of this new wave crossing the country. This symbol admits them to the greatest show on earth. They become part of an elite group who has a sense of belonging and able to express their personalities without limits.

Tattoos have been a part of history for hundred of years and cultures adopted tattooing for different symbolic meaning. In the Brief History of Tattoos and Body Arts (2007), some cultures tattoos symbolized strength, bravery, and spirituality while other cultures tattoos symbolized a form of punishments, outcast, and slavery. In today’s society, tattoos are simply body arts and a way of expression.

Tattoos popularity is increasing among teens and young adults. Peer pressure is a cause for many young adults’ tattoos without thinking of the consequences this decision will have on their future. For some, a tattoo is a way of fitting in, feeling a sense of belonging and making a fashion statement. Reality shows, newspaper ads, TV ads and the Internet are all big influences regarding tattoos.

These media sources depict tattoos as cool and creative status symbols. Athletes’ tattoos symbolize their strength, rappers’ their sense of accomplishment, Armed Forces for honor, actors, and actresses simply as body art. Other individuals’ tattoos represent personal meaning for a love one. Although tattoos can be nice, they carry negative connotations.

Gang members’ tattoos are part of an initiation and show what gang they are with and prison inmates tattoos display membership to a certain groups as well as a part of a coding system. Even with the pain a person go through for a tattoo, he or she seldom think about the risks.

Considered as cosmetics, the one thing tattoos have in common are health risks....
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