Consequences of Popular Culture

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  • Published : September 19, 2006
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Consequences of Popular Culture

A Consequence can be defined as, Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition. In this matter we are referring to the consequences of Pop Culture towards violence. Violence in general has one meaning, an act of aggression. We will be examining three types of violence in our culture, Domestic violence, Youth violence, and of course Gun violence. We feel that all three of these types of violence have increased in today's society as a consequence of pop culture. Popular culture, or pop culture, is the people's culture that prevails in a modern society. The content of popular culture is determined in large part by industries that disseminate cultural material, for example the film, television, and publishing industries, as well as the news media. But popular culture cannot be described as just the combined product of those industries; instead, it is the result of a continuing interaction between those industries and the people of the society who consume their products (Bennett, 1980). Popular culture is constantly changing and is specific to place and time. It forms currents and eddies, in the sense that a small group of people will have a strong interest in an area of which the mainstream popular culture is only partially aware; for example, the electro-pop group Kraftwerk has impinged on mainstream popular culture to the extent that they have been referenced in The Simpsons and Father Ted. Items of popular culture most typically appeal to a broad spectrum of the public; it is only occasionally that they are obscure, as for instance in freemasonry. Some argue that broad-appeal items dominate popular culture because profit-making companies that produce and sell items of popular culture attempt to maximize their profits by emphasizing broadly appealing items. Popular culture has multiple origins. A principal source is the set of industries that make a profit by inventing and promulgating cultural...
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