Consequences of Drug Trafficking: Adam Tubens

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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Adam Tubens

The Woman Worth $115,000 dollars
It all started with reasonable suspicion and then led to a woman on an operating table. A woman arrived in Spain on a suspicious flight with blood oozing out the bottom of her breast. So they brought her to the operating table where authorities said they found two bags of cocaine stashed within her breast. This woman departed from Bogota, Columbia on a hot flight, a flight that comes from a destination known for drug trafficking. I bet you didn’t know that 90% of the cocaine comes from within Columbia Says the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. What got her caught was her inability to sell the story as to why she was in town. And when asked why she was bleeding from her breast she quickly blurted implants that didn’t heal right. So they order her to see a medical team where they removed the implants and found nearly 1.4 kilos (3 lbs.) of pure Columbian Cocaine the street value of all of this goes upward from $35,000 a pound. She had three pounds on her so you can estimate she was worth roughing $115,000.

This Article proves to me how prominent drug trafficking is and how serious people are that they will risk there freedom to traffic the drugs. To be honest she may have a threat on her life and she had no choice. Maybe she could have really liked the feeling of Ziploc bags of cocaine in her breasts felt. Either way the only person who would do this is a crazy person a desperate person. This applies to health in so many ways. I will name a few; as I started to read this article I immediately thought well the way they got them in there was surgery and chances are it wasn’t properly sterilized. Or maybe this story sheds light on a problem we often sweep under the rug, drug trafficking. When you think about it authorities want to get drugs off the streets so why not go right to the source and start with stronger security with any drug inlet possible. After reading this article I knew that this was a great...
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