Consequences of Bubbles in Fountain

Topics: Water, Crime, The Dish Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Teenagers have a tendency to get out of control, sometimes worse than others. Putting dish soap into a public fountain is an example of how teenagers can act without thinking of consequences. Dish soap can have numerous negative impacts on both the environment and other citizens. Public fountains generally are set far away from any water pipe or source. However, there is the odd time when they are beside a major water pipe or lake. When dish soap enters the fountain it creates a giant pool of bubbles, which then overflow the fountain onto the surrounding ground. If there is a water pipe or lake nearby, the bubbles can enter them and cause harm. If dish soap were to enter the lake or river, it is toxic to all animals and fish in the lake and could cause them to get sick or even die which could really screw up the ecosystem. Likewise, if a major water pipe was near the fountain, bubbles would be entering and perhaps causing damage to systems. Either way, the chemicals in soap can enter water systems and can possibly be harmful. Chemicals in dish soap can cause harmful reactions to users. Some people have allergies to the scent of them; some people have allergies to the chemicals within them. By putting dish soap into a public fountain, one is exposing the public to chemicals that can be harmful or irritating to their bodies. This could be a serious problem for anyone dangerously allergic to the lime scent or chemicals. Spreading the bubbles around by means of bubble fight also heightens the risk of someone having contact with the dish soap. Putting dish soap into a public fountain can be harmful to the public if they have allergies to the chemicals in it. Soap can be a very slippery substance. Which is why if there is ever soap on the ground/floor a sign is put up to caution the public from walking on it and risking slipping and falling. When dish soap is put into a public fountain, the bubbles overflow onto the ground and cause a slippery area. This risk is...
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