Consequences of Amina Tyler's Actions

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Sharia Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Response Paper 4
‘Mind Over Boobs’
Law 360-1: Muslim Personal Law
Monday/Wednesday 6pm-8pm
Junaid Sirat Ahmad
4th May 2013
Mohammad Rayyan Azizur Rehman

The author, Mariam H. Jallou, talks about the consequences of actions of Amina Tyler, a 19 year old Tunisian woman, who post a bare-breasted picture of herself on the internet, in the Muslim World. A Ukrainian based feminist group, FEMEN, called for an international “Topless Jihad Day” on the 4th of April 2013 to defend Amina’s rights to which many Muslim women denied their participation. This was mocked by the advocates of the “Titslamism Movement” by labeling these Muslim women as “brainwashed” and “fearful victims.” In my opinion, I believe that this mockery by the supporters of the Titslamism Movement is contradictory to their main goal of achieving liberation of women. This is due to the fact that this feminist movement, in their quest for liberating women is completely neglecting the women, like Mariam H. Jallou, who consider liberation any differently, such as using their minds and not their bodies. FEMEN advocates claim that in the liberated West the women are not forced into showing their bodies but at least have the option to do so unlike in the “regressive” Muslim world where women are not provided with this option and are often threatened and harassed when they choose exercise this option. However, in my opinion, oppression is not just limited to women in these apparent ‘regressive’ Muslim countries; it is also directed towards the women, the poor and the youth. And this is due to problems like lack of security and economic crisis which is not the subject of the article. United Arab Emirates is also a Muslim Country that does not have considerable security issues and hence, much less cases of harassment arise from there. Lastly, the argument that Mariam H. Jallou makes and I agree with is that the fact that FEMEN are making a vast generalization by blaming the entire...
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