Consequences at Workplace

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Consequences of Accidents at Workplace

a) Financial Costs
●It also requires spending on repairing the damaged equipment and compensating the effected employee. The employer has to spend on training the new recruit. Some people may even have to work over time to make up for lost time and will require overtime payments. Preparing accident reports and starting the investigation process also adds additional expenses. All these things combine to cause heavy financial loss to the worker. b) Losses of Output

● The company also has to face financial loss due to the reduced production in the time not worked by the injured employee. So, output will reduce and it will affect the company profit. c) Reducing Morale

● When an employee is injured on the job, this can cause sadness in co-workers, supervisors and company friends. It can also create fear. Depending on the circumstances, employees may be apprehensive of situations surrounding the accident. A worker may be hesitant to operate a piece of equipment involved with an accident. A faulty elevator may cause co-workers to take the stairs. All of these actions relate to fear caused by a workplace accident. Fear and sadness are both damaging to employee morale. d) Negative Publicity

●If have a accident in a company, it will cause many people talk about this company that not take care about the safety of their employees. So,the company get negative publicity the accidents. e) Jeopardize Company Image

●when company get a negative publicity from other people, it can make many people not use or not buy the product that produce from that company. So, company cannot get profit from output.

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