Consequence of Self Deception

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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The consequence of self-deception can be disastrous.

Self-deception can be defined as a misconception that is favoured to the person who holds it. In an attempt to justify ones behaviour, we often, unknowingly, gloss over or even alter the truth of our past, in order to escape the feelings of guilt, embarrassment, shame, or even to protect the people around us. However, consequently, the act of self-deception can be disastrous, not only for the delinquent, but also for those around them. This is continuously depicted in Tennessee Williams’ play, A Streetcar named Desire, as the protagonist, Blanche Dubois, spins a web of deceitful lies to escape the painful truth of her past. It isn’t only Blanche, however, that find them self a victim of their own self -deception, struggling to free themselves from the strong hold, eventually leading to their disastrous downfall. On the other hand however, as self-deception can be extremely dangerous in certain cases, it can also help assist in delaying/preventing disasters from occurring. As such, the act of self-deception can leave ever lasting damage, whilst, for some, preventing it, as they attempt to protect the ones they love.

Remembering the past, may often be a painful and traumatic experience, as unpleasant events are recalled. As such, certain individuals may tend to try to fabricate these past events, in order to steer clear of shame or embarrassment, and escape the harsh blows of reality. In Tennessee Williams’ play, A Streetcar named Desire, the protagonist, Blanche Dubois, is depicted in a manner where she comes across as a deceitful liar as she only tells what ‘ought to be the truth’. Blanche is somewhat ashamed of her traumatic past and the ancestor’s epic fornications lead to the loss of the family home in Belle Reve, as well as Blanche, searching for love and affection in strangers. Blanches deception to herself and the people around her, lead to her ultimate tragic downfall as she doesn’t search for...