Consequence of Religious Tolerance/Intolorance

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  • Published: January 8, 2007
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Consequence of Religious Tolerance/Intolerance
SOC/105 Gina Miller

The purpose of this paper is to satisfy our team's assignment for week three in SOC/105. This paper will first define several words related to the title, expose some consequences of religious intolerance, and finally explain how religion connects with our culture. Our team discovered while looking at different religions that there were many religions than what we will define here. It is certain that a discussion about religion will at some point bring up the subject matter of there being so many different religions, and do they have any common components. Our group agreed that although that are many differences, there are some similarities, impacting four basic areas, they are: what people believe, what people do, what people think, and what people feel. For many people religion is their way of life. David Barrette in an a weekly column writes, "it is well known that those who think about their own religion often work hard to establish what they believe to be the correct interpretation for the time in which they live." Another thing to take into consideration before moving on to the next definition is behavior. Behaviors of religion according to David Barrette could include rituals, meditation, and prayer, much of this list is learned after joining a particular religion, and again these all in turn become a way of life. In each particular religion, most members live very close to others practicing the same religion for comfort, strength, and in order to keep growing stronger in order to help newer members as they begin their way of life. The definition of tolerance as it applies to religion may be different depending on who is answering the question. For this paper the definition of tolerance is simply put "freedom" according to a religious organization website formed to encourage Christians to study the Bible in order to defend Christianity while...
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