Consequeances of Sexting

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Mona Mokdessi
Threat of Sexting
“Nobody can hurt me without my permission”. This quote indicates that individuals have abilities to control their feelings and their actions, but they must know what they want exactly to prevent harming themselves.Many people especially teenagers sometimes share sexual explicit pictures and messages via cell phones with their admirers as flirtation.They engaged in sexting without imagining that it could lead to ruining their lives. Sexting causes a plethora of negative effects which could devastate individual’s life by creating mental health issues, social problems, and risky sexual behaviors.

Perhaps the most important negative effect of sexting forms mental health issues. After people participated in sexting, they feel shameful regret and embarrassment which could lead to withdrawal from the family. For instance, many teenagers who joined in sexting would become introverts and might not share infamilies’ activities such as having dinner together. In addition, adolescents with sexting could not focus on their studies thus they would lose their academic future. For illustration, students who participated in sexting prefer to skip their classes and stay home in private to sexting. Also, in California students who are sharing in sexting could be suspended or expelled from the school.Moreover, sexting is linked to depression, anxiety and an impaired ability to express emotions which could lead to suicide. For example, in Ohio, Jessica Logan, eighteen years old, decided to send a nude picture of herself to her admirer via cell phone. After they spilt up, her boyfriend shared that photo with other friends, and consequently that picture became a source online. Since then, her life changed dramatically, and this girl became miserable and depressed. In the summer 2008, she hanged herself.

Another negative effect of sexting deals with social problems. People who engaged in sexting are more likely to face violence. For instance, some...