Consensus vs Coalition

Topics: Political party, Coalition government, Decision theory Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: April 23, 2011
Consensus vs Coalition.
In the world of creating policy programs the demands of both political groups and political individuals are crucial. When a proposal or a sensitive issue is brought up political parties either join together to form a coalition building, or discuss the options though a consensus building. In a consensus building local participation and speaking out is crucial for the party’s success, while in a coalition groups can bind together and become more influential. Depending on a country’s current political situation a coalition or consensus building will be formed.

A Coalition building is a temporary alliance or partnership of political groups to receive a common purpose or goal. Coalitions form between groups that have similar values, interests and goals. For example, the United States offered financial aid and political benefits to countries that joined its coalition against Iraq in 2003. The United States also threatened negative repercussions for those who failed to join, and much worse for those who sided with Saddam Hussein. Although this was a coalition of nations a coalition of organizations can be affective too. A coalition of organizations or parties can alter more issues than a single organization working alone and increase the chances it will be in their favor. Once groups unite, each group's vision of change broadens and it becomes more difficult for opposition groups to disregard the coalition's efforts as dismissible or as special interests. Once two or more groups become united it becomes more difficult for imposing groups to alter what the coalition building has in mind. Although this may be the case, coalitions have negatives.

Like anything there is always a pro and a con to a situation. Since coalitions are based on an alliance of different groups its necessary for each side to carry its weight. Most commonly if a part of the alliance begins to suffer, the group will suffer too. In Nigeria, coalition building has...
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