Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

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Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study

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Argue For the Use of Consensual Relationship Agreements in Your Current Workplace Nowadays romantic relationships at work are happening more frequently. Thus, those links are bounded in many workplaces to occur. People spend most of their active time in their workplaces, which is not given them the chance to have a more active family and social life. Due this, co-workers' relationships are narrowing even more, creating different kinds of feelings as physical attraction, taste, and ending in fall in love. Consequently organizations have had to plan containment strategies on the possible effects generated by the relationships in the workplace.

Therefore arise a Consensual Relationship Agreement, which Hellriegel & Slocum defined as: a written contract in which the romantically involved parties acknowledge the following: Their relationship is voluntary and consensual, they agree to abide by the employer’s antidiscrimination, antiharassment and workplace conduct policies, they promise to report any perceived harassment to management, if it occurs, they agree to behave professionally and not to allow the relationship to affect their performance, they agree to avoid behavior that offends others in the workplace, and they agree not to engage in favoritism (p. 65).

Above all, I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses built around a relationship in the workplace. An argument by Hellriegel and Slocum, (2011) about use of this topic in the workplace sustains that the use of a Consensual Relationship Agreement could reduce the risk of sexual harassment litigation, and perceptions of favoritism, as well reminding dating employees of the lack of privacy in the workplace.

Having a working relationship could be an exciting new experience for many employees who never have been involved in one; this can take them from the long boring days until they cannot wait to return to the office the next day., an American employment agency, conducted an informal poll with 800 respondents and discovered that 72% of men and 60% of women are secretly infatuated with a co-worker (Hayden, S. “n.d”).

In a past experience of a couple of coworkers I could conclude that having a relationship at work could be a great mistake for the concerned parties, according above it is important to stop and analyze some of the pros and cons of being in a relationship with someone who is part of our work environment; Starting with the pros, It could say that for a person who has a relationship with a coworker can bring greater personal experience and job growth, to the point that with the aim of maintaining interest, admiration and respect for the other involved party, they always will be in a constant challenge to maintain and improve their job performance, which benefits the organization from a general perspective.

At the same time, it generates the negative side of such a situation, where competition and jealousy at the success in the job could create problems that are reflected in their performance, also spent much time together can be a weapon double-edged, the distractions that are given to be able to mix the personal life with the work can be seen in the lack of concentration, poor quality of performance among others. All of the above becomes a difficult problem, it generates a degree of discomfort to the employer, which for reasons of business results and likely personal ethics theories should enter into the relationship by making basic decisions such as a simple conversation with employees involved, until more far-reaching decisions such as changing position or workplace for one of the employees, and a worse case dismissal for poor job performance and the problems caused by the same situation as office scandals, drama scenes and the like.

I consider that the CRA's I currently have at work, has become in a guide to allows my employer...
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