Topics: Consciousness, Mind, Psychology Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Jamie brittain
Psyc 100
Personal Application Essay- consciousness
When I was five years old I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication. If it wasn’t for the Meds I most likely would not have learned in school. I can’t sit still or pay attention. I chose the topic number one, selectivity of consciousness, multitasking, and mind wandering. These are all very interesting things the mind is capable of doing. The reason I chose this was because ‘I’ve been dealing with this ADHD for quite some time and was excited to know that Chapter 5 pg. 180 says, “ everyone’s mind wanders’. We do this without realizing it, especially if we have a lot going on in our lives. I personally struggle with this every day of my life. Even though the two may differ, I still think they have some similarities. For an example, I have driven a car all the way across town without even paying attention to the road; it was like I was a robot .I still got us there safely even though I felt like I was in a trance. My main problem is that my disability makes the mind overtime and its can get really frustrating. Through the years I’ve learned how to cope with this a little better. If you do something consistently it becomes a habit, therefore awareness of a wandering mind is the first step and consistently work on putting your mind back where it’s supposed to be. This is where mental control comes in, where you attempt to change the conscious mind. Consciousness is a mystery to Psychology. It has four basic properties, intentionality, unity, selectivity, and transience. In easier terms to understand it means, minimal consciousness, full consciousness, and self-consciousness.
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