Cons of Therapeutic Cloning

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April 23, 2012

Cons Of Therapeutic Cloning
Therapeutic cloning is the transfer of nuclear material isolated from a somatic cell into an enucleated oocyte in the goal of deriving embryonic cell lines with the same genome as the nuclear donor. Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) products have histological compatibility with the nuclear donor, which circumvents, in clinical applications, the use of immunosuppressive drugs with heavy side-effects. Therapeutic cloning is also often tied to ethical considerations concerning the source, destruction and moral status of IVF embryos based on the argument of potential. Legislative and funding issues are also addressed. Future considerations would include a distinction between therapeutic and reproductive cloning in legislative formulations.

Some groups feel it is unethical not to use this technology to search for medical advances. One of the largest groups opposing this therapeutic cloning is also opposed to stem cell research. Stem cell research is an integral part of therapeutic cloning. Stem cells are cells that can become any cell in the body with the proper stimulation. They are found in bone marrow as well as in embryos. The stem cells that are found in embryos are very desirable because they have the potential to grow into youthful cells, cells taken from adults turn into older cells. One of the largest problems that people have with stem cell research is creating an embryo in order to harvest stem cells. Many groups see this as degrading for humans. Many groups consider a human life to begin with conception, and when the cells are taken from the embryos this is considered destroying a life ( 2010). Anti-abortion groups are strongly opposed to therapeutic cloning because they believe that gaining stem cells from embryos is killing a human. Others claim that cloning will turn human life into a commodity, leading to a spare parts market for harvesting human organs from cloned...
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