Cons of the Vietnam War

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Period 4

Vietnam War
The Vietnam War, a war whose beginnings and causes were questionable. Some say it was necessary for the US to intervene others say that there was no need to shed innocent blood over something that could have been solved using words. As I researched this war I couldn’t help but to stop and really think about the reasons we entered the war.

The beginning of the war started during World War Two, when Japanese forces invaded Vietnam forcing out the French influence. After the war Japanese forces refused to vacate Vietnam, therefore causing Vietnam’s future leader Ho Chi Mien to request foreign help. Ho Chi Mien requested help from both the US and China, and was successfully able to expel all Japanese influence. But this freedom would not last because after the US cleared the south of all Japanese soldiers, it returned control of South Vietnam to France. While this was happening, the north part of Vietnam was also relived of Japanese control and turned over to Ho Chi Mien. Mien had strong communist views and turned the northern part of Vietnam into the USSR of Vietnam, where as the south remained the State of Vietnam. This is where the conflict began.

The people of Vietnam only wanted unification, whether it would be under communist rule or democratic society. Mien used this to his advantage convincing the people of the south that communism would be the answer to their cries for unification. Now the US government could not allow this small country to fall to communism like that, thus starting one of the longest and most devastating wars in history.

The US got directly involved in this conflict in 1956, after the French failed at diplomatically solving the problems with the northern part of Vietnam. The US sent soldiers to help train southern Vietnamese troops. A year later North Vietnam attacked the south and the conflict officially turned into a war. After two years of fighting a new aid to the communist part of...
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