Cons of Advertising Through Social Network

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Cons of Advertising through Social Network

With the rapid increase in the use of social networking sites, marketers are now faced with an array of new choices on how and where to market their products and services. There are multiple different choices of social media networks that a company can choose from but determining which social site to use is even harder than one expected due to various different reasons. As stated below are the cons of advertising through social networking:

1. Time compelling

Setting up a social networking account is fast and easy enough, but managing a social media account is another different story. Marketers have to constantly keep their company’s profile updated with the latest products/services and promotion to keep viewers interested, information provided on the profile must also be updated constantly. In addition, marketers will also have to allocate time to interact with customers by answering questions or comments that are posted online, otherwise it might give the company a bad reputation if they do not respond to the customers’ enquiry.

2. Lack of feedback control

Although feedback from customers are beneficial for business, but with social media, it is very hard for marketers to control or monitor feedback that is published online. Feedback that are posted online are open for the public scrutiny, people might get a bad impression of the company’s reputation if there are negative comments posted on the company’s social media site. Customers are compelled to share their experience with the public. So, marketers should be prepared to handle negative feedback immediately, before it ruins the company’s image.

3. Difficult to measure results

When company make an investment in something, they would want to see results immediately, but an investment in social media is hard to measure. It could take months or even years before the company starts seeing sales. Owner’s might find themselves thinking if its...
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