Conrad Jarrett: Psychosocial Assessment

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Conrad Jarrett (Ordinary People): Psychosocial Assessment

Joaquin Cordova
New Mexico Highlands University Advanced Standing MSW Program February 9, 2010
Conrad Jarrett: Psychosocial Assessment

General Data
Conrad Jarrett is a teenager from Lake Forest, Illinois. He is the son of Beth and Calvin Jarrett and younger brother of deceased brother Buck Jarrett. He currently lives with his mother and father. Reason for referral

Mr. Jarrett was receiving treatment from psychiatrist, Dr. Berger after being released after a four-month stay in a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Berger is having a hard time getting Mr. Jarrett to open up and was referred for further evaluation. Presenting Problem

According to Mr. Jarrett, he has alienated himself from his friends and family and grief issues relating to the death of his brother and close friend. Biophysical Functioning
a. Physical characteristics and presentation
Mr. Jarrett is a tall in stature with a good physique and facial features. There are visible indications of past attempts of suicide. Scars are located on his wrists where cutting was attempted. He presents himself in a timid and down way; when sitting down Mr. Jarrett posture is slouched down, hands in pockets, usually looking toward the ground and with very little eye contact. With regard to speech, it is low, speaks slowly with little or no animation or facial expression. Mr. Jarrett dresses appropriately for the weather: jeans, work jacket, and shoes. Overall, his appearance is within a normal, acceptable range.

b. Physical health
According to Mr. Jarrett, he is not currently under a physician’s care. He stated due to his past involvement with the swimming team, that he maintains a descent physical health. He has also admitted that he has had a tough time sleeping due to nightmares. Development History

Mr. Jarrett’s older brother Buck has always been viewed as superior in the areas as an athlete and student. Mr. Jarrett seems to share this view as he...
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