Conrad Aiken: A Great Writer

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Conrad Aiken

Conrad Aiken was a great writer, he had a way with poetry. He was very bright individual but he also had a couple of problems. His parents didn’t get along and he had minor disabilities. He had trouble keeping wives, but was still a great writer. Conrad Aiken had a tough life, but he didn’t let it get in the way of his writing.

Conrad Aiken was born on August 5th, 1889 in Savannah, Georgia. Aiken was the oldest of three brothers. His parents were William Ford Aiken and Anna porter Aiken. His dad William Aiken was a surgeon. Aiken’s parents argued non-stop. On February 27, 1901 Aiken heard his parents arguing about money. Aiken’s dad counted down “3,2,1” and then shot his wife. Then he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Aiken ran into his parent’s room and saw both of them lying dead on the floor, he sprinted down the street to a police station. When Aiken was eleven, his dad murdered his mom and then committed suicide. His father also had minor disabilities. After this horrific happening Conrad moved to Cambridge Massachusetts to live with his aunt. He went to Middlesex and private schools, he was in trouble quite often because he was almost always absent. Aiken went through school and managed to be able to go to Harvard and that’s where he met T.S. Eliot, his bestfriend. In 1912 he married Jessie McDonald. He had three kids with her and moved to England. Conrad divorced McDonald in the late 1920’s. Then he was diagnosed with psychological problems.

Conrad was inspired by his teacher George Santayana from Harvard. Most of Aiken’s writings are poetry, he wrote mostly about his problems and the world’s problems. After 1960 he started to write about his psychological problems. He wrote about psychologists like Sigmund Frued. When Frued saw Aiken’s writings about him it caught his attention. Conrad was going to meet Frued one day But Erich Fromm made him change his mind. Aiken always kept quiet about his problems from his...
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