Conquering Arayat

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Thesis Statement: Conquering the town of Arayat is more than just trekking the mighty “Bunduk Alaya” but also discovering their fascinating history, savoring their tasty cuisine, celebrating their unique festivities and most of all learning more about their interesting people. I. A number of historians have proposed varied explanations regarding the etymology of the name “Arayat”. a. Some people believe that Arayat originated from Fernando de Arayat. b. Another historian argues that it came from the Kapampangan word “Dayatan”. c. A different account states it rooted from “Alaya” another Kapamangan term. d. A present-day researcher claims it obtained its name from the biblical Mt. Ararat. II. The fusses faced by the present day Arayat rooted from its controversial history. a. The origin of Arayat is still unknown but historical accounts show that it already existed between 1335 and 1380. b. The people of Arayat showed abhorrence to the coming of the Spaniards and other invaders. c. Arayat gained notoriety when it became the hotbed of many rebellious groups after the colonial war. 1. The prominent HUKBALAHAP movement stayed at the town till it faded at early 1950’s. 2. Following the Huks, HMB was established to fight against the US-sponsored Philippine government. 3. The said to be sons of HMB, NPA still continues to reside at the town. III. Arayat’s culture is a unique blend of its history, geography, customs and traditions. a. The Legend of Mt. Arayat is one of the well-known literatures in the town and in Pampanga. b. When it comes to architecture, Arayat exhibits classic and exemplary designs of its illustrious parish church and memorable national park. c. From the trees of Mt. Arayat, the towns boast of their high quality wood competent for global exportation. d. Its unique halo-halo by Kabigting’s is what makes Arayat a cut above the rest when it comes to Kapampangan desserts. e. Arayat’s major celebration is the feast day of its patroness, St. Catherine of Alexandria, every 25th of November. f. 90% of Arayat’s population is dominated by the devotees of the Roman Catholic religion. IV. The town of Arayat is not second-rate when it comes to its tourist attractions. a. The most outstanding landmark of Pampanga stands at the heart of Arayat. b. The Mount Arayat National Park offers a historical yet contemporary vacation experience. c. St. Catherine of Alexandria is the 7th oldest parish in Pampanga. d. The Cong. Dadong Dam was built to supply water to seven towns of Pampanga. V. Arayat is a home to several infamous revolutionary personalities, national government officials and Armed Forces of the Philippines generals.



The town of Arayat lies in the northern tip of Pampanga, and is surrounded on the northwest by Magalang, on the northeast by Cabiao (in Nueva Ecija), on the east by Candaba, on the south by Sta. Ana, and on the west by Mexico. Its total land area is 17,694 hectares with a population of 118,312; less than one fourth is forested. Only 19 kilometers away from San Fernando, the capital town of Pampanga, Arayat is about an hour drive from Manila. The town is the biggest in northern Pampanga, It is composed of 30 barangays/barrios namely: Arenas, Baliti, Batasan, Buensuceso, Camba (Kaledian), Candating, Cupang, Gatiawin, Guemasan, La Paz (Turu), Lacmit, Laquios, Mangga-Cacutud, Mapalad, Matamo, Palinlang, Paralaya, Plazang Luma, Poblacion, San Agustin Norte, San Agustin Sur, San Antonio, San Jose ( Mesulo), San Juan ( Bano), San Mateo, San Nicolas, San Roque (Bitas), Sto. Nino (Tabuan), Suklayin, and Telapayong, not to mention subdivisions that sprout outside the town proper among which are: Fidela, Guemasan, San Nicolas, Aliwalas, Castillo (Bitas), and Leonor Subdivisions.

Arayat is generally a plain or a level land, except the areas where Mt. Arayat stands and its...
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