Connection Between Poverty and Obesity

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Connection between poverty and obesity
Author (Reggie L. Brown)

Professor (Jennifer James)
Devry University
4 December 2011
First Draft

Connection between poverty and obesity
It is said that obesity can be caused by not knowing how to combat and prevent this common disease before it begins in poverty stricken areas. Additionally the availability of nutritious food choices and the means to have safe active life style are not available to those who suffer from poverty due to financial and educational disadvantages. Obesity is not just a class problem, but financially disadvantaged people that lack access to quality food will inevitably turn to high calorie processed foods that will stretch their food dollar. Add a sedentary lifestyle to the mix and soon you have a nation and generation filled with obesity. Over 2 billion people live on $2.50, which is over half the world. Almost a billion people began the 21st century not being able to read or sign their name. 1 out of 2 children live in poverty. The majority of the world people live in poverty. Studies suggest that that the primary causes of poverty is the lack of adequate financial income. Khan, A. (2011 October 20). Poverty and Obesity: Neighborhood matters, but friends count too. Retrieved from,0,2373227.story From my point of view factors such as neighborhood poverty and low parental education are related to obesity in children. Poverty may impact obesity through the effects of minor physical activity, inadequate sleep, skipping breakfast and the lack of parental monitoring. When children live at home with able parents who establish and monitor their lifestyles, including what they eat and when they eat, and their levels of physical activity they are less likely to be obese. Further, consumption of meals with family members increases the quality of children’s diets. Parents who monitor their children...
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