Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path in My Foundation Lab)

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Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path In My Foundation Lab) Connecting the Dots (Writing Learning Path In My Foundation Lab)

What were the suggested next steps in you My Foundation Lab Learning Path?
The next suggested step in My Foundation Lab Learning Path was to click onto the Learning Reading path button. When it popped up a bubble that point right, where I need to click and the screen faded out. You do not actually click on the bubble that directs you there; you click on the actual Reading Path button. How do the skills apply to your academic life?

These skills apply to my academic life by helping me understand what I need to approve in, such as my reading, writing, and math skills. These skills are very important in my academic life, because it enhances my skills to write a more college level paper. These skills are needed to succeed in my school’s education. How do the skills apply to your professional life?

These skill apply to my professional life, because it enhances me to get a better job. Also with these skills it will help me to fully understand my job and to improve on my communication in the work place. Eventually, applying these skills in my professional life will help me rise ion a higher position in the work place. Without these skills, I am not able to achieve my job performance. Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?

Yes, I was very surprised by the results. This program showed me what I need to improve in, far as my writing skills. Throughout each Learning Path they showed wonderful details and demonstrations. It allowed me to interact, so I can get better understand on how the program works. My foundation Lab will help me to freshen up on all of my skills that I need help in. It is a wonderful educational tool.
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