Connecting Self and Society

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  • Published : September 5, 2009
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Connecting Self and Society

18 years. That’s how long I have been a military spouse. From West Coast to East Coast, to Mississippi, to the island of La Maddalena, Italy, then back to East coast and now here in Japan. I danced to the music with them but sometimes I am out of steps. Where’s next? Only the military can tell.

My first 3 years being a military spouse was a big adjustment. It was a struggle and a mixed feeling of happiness and loneliness. I can’t even discuss. The huge impact was when the ship was gone for 6 months. I keep myself occupied by working 2 jobs. Often times, I told myself I should have not married a sailor. During these 3 years, I felt my husband loved the military more because he was gone to work early and stayed late nights. Worst was, without him realizing, I was emotionally and mentally affected with the whole situations. Troubled by this, I started attending trainings, family orientations and spouse meetings and activities offered by Family Support Center. I had enjoyed every minute I socialized with the staffs and other family members. The most influential people I met were the church members. They had walked me through in understanding the “purpose of marriage and the importance of being a military spouse”. Thus, me and my wonderful husband were able to discuss the ups and downs of our relationship and find resolutions and resolved it. It’s obvious, I am still married with him or shall I say he is still married with me. (^,^)

Our first overseas duty stationed was in an isolated island of La Maddalena Italy, surrounded by beautiful beaches. I was disturbed by my own feeling. I was so nervous about finances, getting a job, adjusting to the culture and the community as a whole. I cannot for see what was waiting for us in this island. Jobs in La Maddalena were very limited. To help with finances, I turned my sewing hobby into money by accepting tailoring jobs, such as sewing patches to military uniforms, hemming and...
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