Connecting Dots

Topics: Developmental psychology, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Connecting the Dots: Understanding the Theories and Theorists Directions: Refer to Chapter 1 in Developmental Profiles and to the lecture notes for more information on all the theories of child development. The points possible for each question are listed next to each question. (30 points total)

1.Name the four essential needs every child must have to thrive developmentally. Give an example of each need. (12 points) The four essential need that every child must have to thrive development are :

1. Physical needs : Personal hygiene ; washing hands, brushing teeth, and bathing. For example In my program I wash children’s hands all the time before and after lunch and after recess.
2. Psychological needs : Security and trust , familiar surroundings with family and teachers. For example at the arrival I give them hugs to make the transition easy.
3. Learning needs : An appropriate match between a child’s abilities and the learning materials. For example I provide them challenging materials without causing excessive frustration.
4. Need for respect and self-esteem : A supportive environment in which the child’s efforts are encouraged and approved. For example respecting all the children and treat them equally when I talk to them.

How are the essential needs related? Give a detailed example. (2 points) All four needs are related to each other one can not be completed without other. For development one should need the shelter, sufficient food , protected and lovable family . Adults who can be the role models and give appropriate material to challenge their skills and support them in positive way and give them rewarding enforcement.

2.Choose which theorist/ theory from the list below describes the child’s development in the scenario. Only one theory per scenario. You will use each theory only once.(14 points total) Scenarios

__D___ An infant has developed a strong attachment to his care giver and cries when she leaves a the...
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